I look in the mirror.

Sometimes, I walk past a mirror and am surprised at how tired I look.

Not that I think I’m different from most of you, but my days are long, long, long. Up at 5:45 most days. Gym by 6:30 on some, feeding the cats and seeing the boys off on others. Their bus comes at 6:55. Crazy, right?

More days than not, I’m working by 7:00. I barely look up until lunchtime. And it might be exaggerating to say that I “take a lunch break.” What I do is grab some lunch. And then I work (read: sit at the computer) until 6:00 or later with a brief break to say hi to the boys when they come home before they start their homework.

I’m not complaining. I love my work. I’m grateful to have challenging and interesting things to do – and to make a living doing them. But squinting at the computer can take its toll. It’s tiring. Fine. Not the kind of tiring as, let’s say, doing construction or moving appliances, but tiring.

And so, for today, I’m more of a slippers girl than a boots girl.

But don’t think that’s how it’s going to stay. Because nothing stays the same.

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