Sign here.

Some might think it odd. Okay, fine, I admit it.
But I was so curious that I bought this autograph book at the estate sale.

autograph book

Jerry was moving away. This was his last year at the school and he got all the teachers and a bunch of kids to sign.

It was 1959.

Looks like Peggy was his best gal. Neat and tidy. Snappy dresser. Carolinda? Not his favorite.


I love how all the pages were folded diagonally – just like I did as a kid. But what made this different was that he folded all the way to the corner and had to then do a horizontal fold to keep the page in the space. It sort of locked the pages in place.

I read all the messages, feeling a little like I was peeking back in time. Thinking all the kids were kind of like Wally and Beaver Cleaver. Yes, Maam. No, Maam.

And then I came to Judy’s message. Who wanted to be forgotten.
forget me

I wonder if she has been.

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