Candy Holidays.

Growing up in an assimilated Jewish neighborhood, I didn’t know that observant Jews did not celebrate Halloween and Valentines Day, two of the best candy holidays ever. I just didn’t know.

I did know that Easter was a religious holiday. And I knew that it was not our holiday. I also knew that Passover was frequently during the Easter Break, as we called it then. Now, it’s Spring Break of course. Just like Christmas Break is now Winter Break.

Easter. I didn’t really know what it was when I was little. I knew it was a big holiday. Like Christmas is big. And I distinctly remember when I learned the real meaning of it. I thought about it a lot. Truly, a big concept.

I also knew that my non-Jewish friends got new dresses, hats, and shoes for Easter. Kind of like we got new dresses for the High Holidays. Spring dresses are so much cuter. Seriously.

But I don’t remember ever having friends who got Easter baskets. I knew about Easter Egg Hunts. But not the baskets. Why, oh why? For so many years, I missed a big-time candy holiday.

Did I mention that I love candy? If you ever read my blog, you already know that.

So, last year at BlissDom, I went to the Hershey’s exhibit and they offered to send my family an Easter Basket.  I wrote about it here. I told them that we don’t celebrate Easter and turns out they are seriously equal opportunity candy holiday folks. Phew.

You cannot imagine my joy when they asked me if I wanted to be on the Bunny Trail again this year. Did I ever!

In all its glory – York Peppermint Eggs (who knew?), Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans, Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg, Kisses,  Jolly Rancher Sour Gummy Bunnies.

I’m not even worried about finishing all this before Passover. I have no doubt.

In fact, we dug in this weekend. The jelly beans are my favorite, but the kids really jammed on the sour gummies. I might have had a couple of peppermint patties Saturday morning.

Did I mention how great those Jolly Rancher jelly beans are? I did? Well, it bears repeating.

York Peppermint Eggs

Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans

Hershey's Easter Candy

Disclosure: Hershey’s sent me this complementary, lovely assortment of candy in a beautiful basket. All thoughts are my own. Oh, and I received no financial compensation.

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