Roses are red, violets are blue.


When Andrew brought me these beautiful roses this morning, he didn’t say “Happy Mother’s Day.” In fact, he handed them to me with a big smile and I remarked how much I loved surprise no occasion flowers.

Did I forget it was Mother’s Day tomorrow? Kind of. Actually, about an hour later when the thought crossed my mind, I was glad that I hadn’t associated the flowers with the Hallmark holiday. I associated the flowers with the fact that Andrew thought about me when he was out and about. And that he loves me and wanted to see the smile on my face.

I don’t really know what was in his head, but I don’t care. They’re beautiful. And tomorrow, the whole family is doing what I want to do. Spend the day together. We’ll go to a flea market and out to eat. Did I mention that we’d all be together? Woo hoo!

I am grateful for the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and children in my life. I hope I show it all year long.

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