I remember.

photo credit lusi sxc.hu
photo credit lusi sxc.hu

I remember, in living color, the day my parents dropped me off at college.

I remember thinking that I was on my own. I had to make good choices and eat right. With hardly any nagging. (If only we were texting back then, I’m sure I could have gotten a full dose.) I was thinking that my life was changing dramatically. And I had no idea what was next.

But you know what I didn’t think about for even a minute? I’m not proud to admit it, but I never considered what this change meant to my parents. Especially to my mom.

And now, as a mother who is leaving to take her son to college in about 12 hours (don’t scream, it’ll be okay), I’m feeling a little guilty.

My kid’s going to be fine. Better than fine. And I am getting used to the idea of him going. Truth is, I’m excited for him and what’s next…there’s a big world out there. And he’s an amazing kid who’s ready to learn a lot of interesting new things and meet some new people.

I have a lot of friends who are here too – taking their kids to college in the next week or so. Some are first children, some last, some only. But it doesn’t matter and there’s little distinction. We love the crap out of our kids. We nurtured them and wiped their noses and their butts and helped them with the freaking dioramas and now? Now, they’re leaving for college.

It’s surreal.

As for me? I’m grateful for my friends who’ve done this before and for my friends who just know me well enough to know that this is hard.

And I’m trying to keep my sense of humor.


8 thoughts on “I remember.

  1. I’ve joked with my daughter that I was going to college with her because I would miss her so much. I still have a few years to go before I’m where you’re at, but I watch and learn so I can be as cool as you when my time comes.

  2. The good news in all this:
    You want him to go to college. He wants to go to college. So everything is working out the way you planned. Remember how fast senior year in high school went? This next year will go even faster (ok, that’s only sort of good news) and sophomore year drop-off is WAY easier. The missing part is hard, can’t lie, but watching them grow so quickly into the cool people they are meant to be is a blast. He’ll do great because you’ve done great for the last 18 years.

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