For every season.

sxc photo credit: persiomene
sxc photo credit: persiomene

Today my Facebook stream was filled with two things. Miley Cyrus and back to school photos. And since I don’t really choose to give Miley a big space in my life, let’s talk about back to school.

Actually, I want to talk about the first night of homework.

Actually, I want to talk about genetics.

I have 3 sons. One is in college and two are in high school.

One is the most organized and efficient guy on earth. But he worries. Another is really efficient, pushes through the work with the occasional breakdown. And the other looks at the sum of what needs to be done and spins. Yes, he gets through it. But not without some strife.

I say they got those traits from us. From Andrew and me.

Andrew worries. I tell him that worrying doesn’t help, but you know what? There’s no on-off switch for these things.

I am hyper-focused. Except when I’m not. And except when I have an occasional breakdown. Or when I scream at the first person who calls my name, peeks into my office or texts me. Right, I know. You can’t IMAGINE me screaming. Unless you’re in that special group who has experienced it firsthand. And truthfully, I don’t do it often. Usually, I hold it in until I’m totally stressed and over the edge.

Note: The previous paragraph is the best reason I’ve seen lately to reinforce my need to swim… But I digress.

My point is that our kids are products of us. Some of how they handle stress is learned from watching us (yikes) but part, I think, is just who they are. But again, our fault. OR I could say we can take credit. It’s all about your vantage point, I suppose.

Did I mention that one son had 3+ hours of homework? On the first night of school? I’m a little afraid.


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