Saturday mornings…

Photo Credit snowflake5 @ SXC
Photo Credit snowflake5 @ SXC

There are few things I like better on a Saturday morning than hitting a couple choice yard, garage or estate sales. Come to think of it, I am not sure how folks decide which of these their sale is. Well, except when it truly is an estate sale and a whole house or most of the items are for sale. But I’ve been to lots of sales that are called garage sales with no garage in sight and lots of garage sales where the items are displayed across the lawn.

Every Thursday morning, I get an email from GSALR and with listings of sales near me. I think. I plan. Do I usually get to some come Saturday? No, most weeks I don’t. But I do look through the pix on the site. If a sale looks enticing enough, I try.

And then there’s my favorite adventure, Find a Garage Sale. The way this works is that Andrew drives randomly and I look for signs. All the while, I’m searching on the Garage Sale Rover and iGarageSale apps. I should tell you about the time I followed (well, had Andrew follow) directions to three sales – each about a half hour from here in a different direction – and each one was a false start or wrong address. No sales to be found. On the bright side, we could not stop laughing and we did stop at a farm stand.

I love laughing almost as much as I love garage sales. Maybe more.

This week, I just deleted my emails without even looking at the pix since I’ll be in New York for Latism and there’s no chance I’ll be picking this weekend. That’s okay. There’s always next week.

2 thoughts on “Saturday mornings…

  1. Have a great time at the Latism conference! I didn’t even know there were apps for garage sales or anything. When I did the sale at my grandma’s house I just put the info on Craig’s List and figured if people find it then I’m good. At my house, I usually just have my husband put up a few signs. But I’m always interested by the “professional yard salers”.

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