So you know when you get a Facebook or LinkedIn message from someone from the way, way past?

The other day, Andrew and I were driving to parents weekend to see Davis. And I got a LinkedIn message from the second guy from the left. He was my camp boyfriend, summer 1977.

What’s especially odd is that I thought about him just a few days earlier. After all these years.

You see, my father drove me to Philadelphia on September 16, 1977 so that I could have dinner at his house and go to see Foreigner, Rick Derringer & Little River Band at The Spectrum. I know, great dad, right? My dad actually waited for me and drove me home after the concert.

Quick aside about the concert (and Mom, I’m really sorry I never told you this before but clearly now, it’s a non-issue…). Close your eyes and imagine the crowd that would actually go to that concert. In downtown Philadelphia on a Friday night. In 1977. Got it?

Okay, now multiply it by 100. And add bottle rockets.

But anyway, the reason I was thinking about this is that one of my sons asked if we’d consider taking him to visit a friend out of town. I see this as my time to pay it forward.

At any rate, this ‘kid’ saw me on LinkedIn and sent a message saying hello. He looks exactly the same. Really, he looks great and seems happy. It was all a little surreal, though.

And it got me to thinking. Do you reach out to old, old friends? How do you feel when someone reaches out to you?

This one made me smile. But every effort has not.

Are you glad you’re so findable?


6 thoughts on “LinkedIn

  1. I am glad to be so findable! I have made literally hundreds of reconnections with people I never ever thought I would see or hear from again. For me, it’s been a blessing. Not every single reconnection, but largely so.

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