Twenty questions.

photo credit Ayla87
photo credit Ayla87

How can it be November 10 already?
Isn’t it odd when a memory pops in your head from years back and you don’t know why? And then you can’t stop wondering?
Where the heck is that video I’ve been looking for?
How much longer can I put off cleaning my closet?
How do I get these spots off my floor?
Why is it hard to remember what’s important sometimes?
How can his hand STILL be swollen?
Is it just totally weird that I’m starting to be interested in calculus?
What, if anything, smells better than baking bread?
You know when you react to something and realize it’s out of sync with reality immediately but don’t know how to suck it back in?
Why don’t the glasses get cleaner in the dishwasher?
What good is a potholder with a hole in it?
Am I the only person who sometimes feels sad for no reason?
Does practice really make perfect?
Are you really supposed to smash the piggy bank to get the change out? Or is it in there forever?
Do you find it sad when the last leaves fall?
Is there any food more perfect than pasta with bolognese?
How did I get so lucky?
Did you know that next week my youngest son will be 15?
Anyone else wish they’d planted a fall garden?

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