May I ask who’s calling?

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I know a lot of my sons’ friends.

We see a lot of them weekly at the BBYO meetings at our house. There are occasional gatherings here and (I hope) the kids know their friends are always welcome.

I think my boys have picked some great friends and I’m really glad that I know these kids.

But you know what I was thinking? I know you do.

I was thinking that when we were kids, our friends called the house and our parents intercepted. They knew who we talked to and when.

“Hello, Mrs. Goldman. May I please speak to Wendy?”
“Oh hi, Sarah! Sure, I’ll get her.”

Does this happen now? Ummm. No. No one calls the home line. In fact, some of my friends don’t even have home lines! Our kids’ friends call them on their direct lines (if they even talk at all) but they surely text each other and snapchat and Facebook and such and we, as parents, are so far out of the loop that it’s not actually even a loop.

That’s just how it is.

What does this mean? Well, to me it means that as a parent, I need to pay attention. Ask questions. Know who my kids are spending their time with and learn about their friends. I’m not at all suggesting that our parents had a great well-rounded view of our friends growing up, but they had a peek into the world. I want to make sure I’m peeking, too.


4 thoughts on “May I ask who’s calling?

  1. Yes! I’ve actually thought about this recently. They are always in their rooms with their doors closed “chatting” by text or skype or snapchat or some other techie thing that I don’t know (and they like it that way!) Not only don’t we know when their guy friends are calling, we don’t know when there’s potentially a nice young lady in the picture, either (boy, does that make me sound old!)

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