Magnutties & Happy Fathers’ Day

Back in February 2012, I wrote about working for my family magnet business from the tender young age of 10. I wrote about how I stamped the coin envelopes (not particularly well) for magnutties. And what were magnutties? They were rubber magnetic strip scored so that you could break them into 100 pieces and they were fun to stack and play with. I wasn’t sure if it was 100 pieces at the time I wrote, but I am now.

Why is that? Why am I sure now?

I’m sure because I got an email just the other day that confirmed it.

The author of said email, sent me this photo:


and I can’t tell you how much it made me smile. We’ve written back and forth a bit and here’s what I learned. He found this pack of magnutties stuck to the bottom of an old metal fishing tray of an old tackle box (they are magnetic after all) and he googled it. And the only thing of substance he found was my blog post.

And he reached out.

I explained that B&G was the company my dad started when I was little and that its name changed a long time ago. And that magnutties haven’t been around for quite some time.

And I told him that my dad would think this was really neat. I thought that I’d create this great Fathers’ Day post about this. And then I realized that my dad doesn’t use a computer.

So I’m posting it a little early for Fathers’ Day because I can show him at breakfast today. (I’m taking my mom to the train & will hang around in Baltimore for a bite to eat.)

(Thank you, kind stranger!)

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