The last time I went to Artscape, I was in my 20’s. It was much smaller, or so it seemed to me. Truth is, my perspective was so different then, I don’t really know.

But we decided to go on Saturday. Just Andrew, Davis and me. It was our last day before picking up Reed and Max from camp.

We ate a ton – ice cream, blooming onion, shrimp on a stick, pit beef sandwich, water, water, water, mojitos (better than the water)…

And we saw some terrific art. Lots of jewelry, paintings, fiber arts, glass, you name it. One of my favorites was William CJ – there was a painting I saw that I can’t get out of my head. Don’t you hate that? I might have to buy it. His website isn’t up, unfortunately, or I’d show you his work…

Then, there were these gnomes. For $1, you could buy something. But the signs were in their native language (gnomish?), so I have no idea what they were selling. I was very amused.

This guy on stilts was getting ready to perform. His mask was incredibly creepy. So we kept walking.

Do you see that this guy has plastic forks hanging all over him? His friends are the spoons and knives. I suppose it’s nice to be prepared. Of course, these were performance artists. I didn’t see the show, but couldn’t help to be curious.

And then there were these funky cars….

Wouldn’t you like a tree car? Sounds eco-friendly to me….


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