When we went to pick up our little boys (awww) from camp, I half expected them to be all grown up. They weren’t. But they were extremely, unbelievably dirty. Seriously, I have never seen feet like that. I won’t go on. You don’t deserve the mental picture. Trust me.

So we brought our little boys home and, after long, hot showers, I started to watch and listen. I wanted to figure out what had changed. If anything.

After all, isn’t camp about growing, learning, becoming more independent?

I am starting to see some things. Their beds are neater. They pass the food nicer at the table. They are doing some things themselves that they had asked me to do just a few weeks ago — things like pouring the milk into the Golden Grahams or toasting the waffles.

I also can see that they missed the hugs and kisses. They can’t get enough. (“Just not in front of my friends, Mom!“)

So are they all grown up?

Not even close.

But even seeing the little steps is a little sad. And exciting.

As long as they don’t give up the hugging any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Boyz2Men

  1. The most filth I’ve ever seen on either of my kids was the filth Jake was wearing when we picked him up from camp* his first year there. (*Same camp, same filth, same no-need-for-details!) The once-white shirt went in the trash – no chance it would ever be presentable again. (I didn’t give up on him, though; a long, hot shower did miracles.)
    The more subtle changes were all about independence. Being away made him more his own little person. We saw growth that wouldn’t necessarily have occurred at that age, in our consistent presence. The best part about sending them off to overnight camp, in addition to their fun (and our sliver of freedom!), is getting them back! Very subtly changed, in a very refreshing way.

  2. So they didn’t go swimming? I never showered at camp either (scared of spiders in the showers) but we went swimming every day.

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